Your vote for me as your President is a vote for a competent, confident and contract based leader.

Your vote will help elect a leader who will partner with our new CEO to change our workplace culture.

Your vote will be for a President who will join with our members to achieve the goal of becoming a more effective, proactive and assertive Union.  

Where compromise is appropriate, we will do that - NOT for the benefit of the people at the table - but in the best interests of our members. We will always assert our rights under the contract.

Finally, in ALL I do as your President, you – our members – will be first.  Always.  Always. Always.

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

-- Martin Luther King Jr.



Mike Severino is a registered nurse (RN) on 6W the orthopedic unit at Sparrow hospital. Mike has been an RN at Sparrow since 2008, with his 10th anniversary in June. He holds an orthopedic nurse certification (ONC) and is 2 clinical semesters shy of his ever-elusive BSN.  

Mike lives in Holt with his rather sophisticated 11-year-old daughter. 




Before starting nursing school in 2005, Mike spent ten years in the Michigan legislature working as a policy advisor and attorney for the Senate Majority Counsel. He is licensed to practice law in Michigan and Connecticut.

While serving the state, Mike also served the people of Ingham County as an elected Ingham County Commissioner. Mike completed ten years of service through 2009. In 2016, Mike was appointed to and currently serves as a member of Ingham County's Jury Board. 

Mike has also served his nation. He is a US Army veteran, having served with the 2nd and 4th infantry divisions, including a tour in Korea. He concluded his service to the nation as a non-commissioned officer.

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Mike had been the PECSH Vice-President since July 2015. In 2017, Mike retained the vice presidency by winning an uncontested election in a vote of the entire bargaining unit for a three-year term.  Before becoming VP, Mike served as the PECSH Secretary, having won a contested 2014 vote of the entire bargaining unit.

Further, he served as a separately elected Negotiations Committee member ("Negotiations Representative") and has been part of those teams which have successfully negotiated contracts in 2010, 2016 and 2017.

Beyond his duties as Vice President and negotiations representative, Mike served as an independently elected Grievance Committee member ("Grievance Representative") and had served in this role since approximately 2010.

Mike also served our members as an independently elected representative as a By-Laws Committee member for PECSH, having won a contested 2016 vote of the entire bargaining unit. In October of 2018, Mike was elected at the MNA convention to a position on the MNA’s Nominations Committee. 




Mike has a rich history of service to the people and organizations which he values. There is no group he is more devoted to than his PECSH members. Mike is adept at problem-solving, representing his constituents and genuinely immersing himself in the issues that matter to them.  

He is a tireless advocate and protector of members' contract rights, their employment rights and above all the rights each member enjoys under the National Labor Relations Act.  

Mike is well known to his members. Since at least 2010, he has served them in many elected roles - Vice President – Secretary - Grievance Representative -Negotiations Representative – PECSH Bylaws Committee - MNA Delegate.

Mike's constituents came to expect nothing less from him. In his time as Vice President, Mike had been involved in over 100 interventions for members, many of which were resolved outside the grievance process. However, after investigation, if a grievance is warranted to protect the member and to protect the integrity of their contract, Mike will file a grievance.

From Mike, members have come to expect results.  Through hard work, honesty, detailed investigation, thorough communication, robust information requests, proactive thinking, case preparation and the ability to keep the grievance process moving forward members issues are resolved. Mike is always willing to work with the grievant and employer to come to a resolution along the way - but never at the expense of squandering a member's opportunity to succeed in the grievance process.

Mike devotes all the time necessary preparing his members for grievances. By researching the issues, reviewing evidence, reviewing testimony, and anticipating responses from the employer, together with the member he's able to drill down on the problems to get the fairest and best possible result with them.  You will expect the same preparations and results from Mike as your president. 

For example, Mike has driven 40 miles to meet with a grievant at her child's soccer practice to prepare for a grievance. Nights, weekends, holiday, Mike is available to his members. Mike places a great deal of emphasis on communication as he walks a member through any crisis they may face. For an ongoing issue or grievance, it is not uncommon for Mike to communicate daily with a member until there is a plan in place for the grievance or the issue is resolved.

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of his work for membership is the joy that comes when a scheduling problem is resolved, and a new mom gets to spend another weekend day at home with her child  - or that indescribable feeling of walking back to work a member who was wrongly discharged.  

Mike strives to put life to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, when he said: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

As your next President, Mike will bring that same commitment to results, that same work ethic and his undying passion for serving you every single day. 


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